Keeper of the Mac/DV FAQ
Premiere5 info
Octopos (Hardware DV codec card $ for Mac)
(FireWire Info)
(For you iMac/USB Fans - Mini-FireWire?)
(Media Cleaner Pro - for CD-ROM & Web)
(Video EFX) or (Video EFX)
(Understand Codecs and Web Video)
(Good MPEG FAQ - VHS is history!)
(DeskTop DVD - the next way to ship DV)
(QuickTime - the guts of NLE)
(Tests on hard drives)
(How titles look in DV)
(DV transcoder box to YUV)
Sony DVMC-DA1 - A/DV box!
(a TV without a picture is Radio)
(read the Myths of Mic Reach)
(Hello Dolly!)
or"> (Lights)
(How to light for film and video)
(Good Emag for the craft of editing)
(My favorite camera at $4K)
(Take DV to Film)
(Why faces looks blue)
(Storyboard software via DGA)
(Free Mac Calc)
Here is Herb's (back-ordered) Video Basics CD-ROM. Great teaching! I recently ordered it and received it from in two weeks!